I Love Panama City Beach FL Because…

i love panama city beach because

CONTEST: I Love Panama City Beach FL Because… [google1]

We all have our own reasons for falling in love with the vacation destination famous of having the “World’s Most Beautiful Beaches“.

It might be as simple as the feeling of the sugar white sand between your toes…

The sound of the waves gently lapping up on the shore…

The taste of succulent Gulf Coast Shrimp, grilled to perfection…

Maybe you came here as a child with your family, and now, you’re the generation spending your family vacations here with your own children.

That’s what’s so perfect – everybody has a different experience of Panama City Beach, and we all fall in love for different reasons.

The Prize

You are playing to win $50 Tiki Bucks – that can be used in the Sandpiper Beacon’s Gift Shop & Tiki Bar, right here at the Resort.

Contest Rules

So here’s what you need to know…

  • To enter, you must write a comment below this post, telling us… Why YOU Love Panama City Beach, FL.
  • It has to be EXACTLY 50 WORDS. No more. No less. 49, or 51 words… and you’re entry won’t count (sorry).
  • IMPORTANT: Be sure to leave your email address too (this will not be published so only we will see it). This is how we will contact you to let you know you have won.
  • Deadline: Only entries left before 11:59pm on Monday 30th September 2013 will count.
  • Only ONE (1) entry per person – although multiple entries per family are OK
  • The winner will be announced on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/thefunplace) on Tuesday October 1st 2013
  • Tiki Bucks must be claimed within 12 months of winning, by a registered guest staying at the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort.

** BONUS **

(Valid only for those who entered the contest originally) To receive 2 free drinks during your next checkin at the Sandpiper, simply copy and paste YOUR original entry saying why YOU love Panama City Beach on the Visit Panama City Beach facebook page http://www.facebook.com/visitpanamacitybeach

PLUS – We will give a bonus second place prize of $25 Tiki Bucks to the comment that has the most likes (on the Visit Panama City Beach facebook page)┬áby Midnight October 3rd – So get your friends & family to vote for your answer! :-)

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Sandy Piper
Sandy has a wealth of local knowledge about the Panama City Beach area. From fun, family-friendly accommodations, to restaurants, attractions and more.

Specializing in Family-travel, Sandy has been writing about Panama City Beach and the Gulf Coast for several years.

102 Responses to “I Love Panama City Beach FL Because…”

  1. Author Image Cathy says:

    I Love Panama City Beach Florida for the beautiful water, the soft white sand, I always feel relaxed, fresh seafood and time just for me and my hubby. I love to sit on the beach with the sound of the waves and a cold drink in my hand. Here I come!

  2. Author Image Jason says:

    I Love Panama City for the beautiful water, listen to the waves makes me feel relaxed, fresh seafood and time just for me, my hubby and our kids. I love to sit on the beach with the radio on and a cold drink in my hand. Forget all my worries!!

  3. Florida Here I Come. Have the tiki sit out some RUM ! I’m coming to play the favorite way, Sand and Sun all day. Sandpiper’s the one staff will laugh at the family’s fun. When the day is done. The RUM has won ! Sleep for tomorrow and start all over !!!!

  4. Author Image Joni says:

    I Love Panama City Beach because it is my Happy Place. I have been go there since I was a little kid and now I enjoy taking my husband and kids with me to enjoy it. We love walking on the beach, swimming in the ocean. One of our favorite places to stay is Sandpiper the kids love all of the activities they can do.

  5. Author Image Renee Russell says:

    I love Panama City Beach because it is the first get away that my husband and I took without and kids or family going with us. It is the perfect place to go to relax, have fun, and feel like everything is right in the world! Always our vacation destination!

  6. Author Image R. Shane Millwr says:

    I love Panama City Beach because it combines the best parts of family vacations and fun nights on the town! The warm water, beautiful beaches, happening gatherings and cool night life offer something for everyone and right at the heart of it all is the sandpiper’s World famous Tiki Bar!

  7. Author Image Maria Miller says:

    I love Panama City beach because my husband, son and myself find so many fun things to do. We love the pirate cruise, all the family activities at sandpiper beacon, and karaoke at the tiki bar. My son begs to go to Panama City beach once choose it over Disney!

  8. Author Image Rebecca Edlin says:

    Just the sound of the waves as soon as I pull into my parking spot at my favorite PCB resort The Sandpiper spreads a calm over me like no other sound on earth; The smell of the salt water wafting up the deck as I stand watching the sunset, heavenly.

  9. Author Image Carl says:

    I love going to Panama City Beach with my family. I like relaxing and taking a break from work. I shuffleboard, play mini golf, build sand sculptures, and more with my kids. We like to go to The Tiki Bar and relax on the white sandy beaches at the Sandpiper.

  10. Author Image Taylor says:

    I am eleven years old and I really like Panama City Beach. I like the Sandpiper hotel: shuffleboarding and mini golf.I also like seafood at Dusty’s. I love the beach. I like building and admiring sand castles and sculptures with my family. I also like swimming in the ocean.

  11. Author Image Rhonda Brazil says:

    Panama City Beach and Sandpiper Beacon is the best place to vacation, the sand is the prettiest sand you will ever see anywhere. I love to come there with my family and friends, you will never have to wonder what you are going to do, there is always something fun!

  12. Author Image Krystal B says:

    I love Panama City Beach because it’s where I went on vacation as a kid and it’s now where I take my kids on vacation. We went on our first family vacation this year and stayed at the Sandpiper and had a blast. Can’t wait to go back. It’s fabulous!

  13. Author Image Kim Horton says:

    I LOVE Panama City Beach because that is the first place my husband and I went on vacation before we got married. We got engaged at the Sandpiper Beacon last April. Our honeymoon was at the Sandpiper Beacon last October. We have brought both our mothers to Panama City Beach along with many friends. Panama City Beach has been the place of some of our happiest times. In fact, we will be visiting again October 20th.

  14. Author Image Pam McDaniel says:

    HEAVEN I MUST BE IN HEAVEN! Blessed that’s what I feel like when I’m in Florida GOD’S country! Many lasting memories I have made there with my family and friends. Some that have passed but I still fill them in my heart when I’m there looking over the beautiful ocean.

  15. Author Image brigtte says:

    I am from South FL originally. In November, 2011, me and my youngest daughter went to Panama City Beach, we stayed at Sandpiper. Great Resort. We fell in love. Close enough to LA to make it there in one day. The sand, waves, smells, and so much to do…amazing.

  16. Author Image Beverly says:

    I love Panama City Beach because it is truly heaven on earth! Married now for thirty three years and 3 grown children,the Sandpiper is where we go to enjoy the beautiful beach, relax in the hot tub, pools, hammocks, tiki bar, great food and take our precious yorkie Bella.

  17. Author Image Mary says:

    I love Panama City Beach because I can relax and have no worries. I can sit at Sandpiper beacon Resort and enjoy the breeze with my kindle in one hand and a drink in the other. I can listen to the waves or to the laughter from the beachside games.

  18. Author Image Lori Truter says:

    I love Panama City Beach because of its blue waters and white beaches. My first trip to Panama City was with my husband and his children. We love taking the kids to the Sandpiper Beacon in Panama City because it is so family friendly, and we feel they are safe.

  19. Author Image Darrell L. says:

    I love Panama City Beach Florida because it is the first place I ever saw the ocean. Now when we come to visit, we have some traditions we follow. We always check into the Sandpiper Beacon immediately. Then we go eat at Pineapple Willy’s. After that it is all beach!

  20. Author Image Cristi says:

    I love Panama City Beach because it’s the first beach I ever went to. My husband and I went there the first time way back in 1989 and I fell in love with it. We have been going back there and to the Sandpiper Beacon hotel for vacation ever since.

  21. Author Image Carol Harper says:

    We love Panama City because of the Sandpiper Beacon and the staff that works there. Everyone is so friendly and nice.
    Can’t imagine coming to PC and staying anywhere else. The kids love all the activities, pools, blow-up slides, movie nite, face painting and balloon art. Karaoke is a plus.
    Will see you soon.

  22. Author Image Sherri says:

    I love Panama City Beach because it is the first beach I ever went to with the love of my life! While engaged, his parents took us to PCBeach as a “welcome” to the family gift. It was the first time I had ever seen the gorgeous, soft, white sand!

  23. Author Image Emily Britt says:

    We love Panama City Beach because its not too far from home, but we are beach vacationers at heart. Love the white sand and crashing waves… Can’t wait to be there in 10 days! I’ve been counting down!

  24. Author Image Ashley Hughes says:

    I love Panama City beach, because the tranquility and peace of the ocean. Because of the sand that sticks to my toes. Because of the smell of the ocean air, and the fresh seafood being cooked up in every restaurant. Because of the blue skies that linger in the day.

  25. Author Image Julie Cooley says:

    I grew up in Indiantown, Fl & as a child we came to visit my grandparents who lived in Graceville,Fl. We always stayed on Panama City Beach. I’m the baby of 10 & a daddy’s girl. He & I would get up each morning @ 5am eat breakfast, then walk dn to the beach for our Sunrise walk together. & after a long day of FUN N THE SUN he & I would walk @ sunset together.. Lots of Great Memories for me. My daddy passed away in 2008 frm Alzheimer’s & I lost myself! ;( gave up & become very Depressed & gained 100lbs….3 kids of my own saw a mother that couldn’t function. My mother finally scooped me up in march 2013 & took me to PCB just she & I… While dn on the Beach sitting listening to the waves, smelling the salt n the air & the sun on my face. I realized I still had the memories of those days. I had made the decision to live again! To make memories with my children & Grand-babies. Now living in Bonifay, we load up as much as possible to head to the beach, so my kids will have memories to lean on when I Leave this world. Since March I’ve lost 57lbs & living life again….

  26. Author Image Anonymous says:

    I love Panama City beach because it healed my soul. I first came to PCB when I was a very new mother. I had come from California and was world weary. The slow southern style and warm people healed my battered soul and the warm water soothed and comforted me.

  27. Author Image Tonya says:

    I love Panama City Beach, Fl because the Sandpiper Beacon is there. Every year my family chooses to vacation at the Sandpiper because it is fun for the kids and the adults. Where else can an 11 year old kid belly up to the bar and get a cherry coke?

  28. Author Image Amy says:

    While visiting Alabama as a child, we took a day trip. The Gulf of Mexico spread out before us. Such beauty I had never seen, emerald waters, squeaky white sand. Just a little girl from Illinois, it was breath taking. The moment I fell in love with Panama City Beach.

  29. Author Image Tonya says:

    My favorite thing about Panama City Beach is coming down there with my kids. When I bring them down there it reminds me of the times my parents would bring my sister brother and myself there. It is where i remember my brother smiling the most because he loved it.

  30. Author Image Monica Harrison says:

    I love Panama City Beach because that’s where Sandpiper Beacon Resort is! It’s been years since we’ve been there and miss it so much! My daughter was young and loved everything about the resort. Now that she is older – it can only get better. Great fun for the entire family!

  31. Author Image Dianne says:

    It will be hard to only use fifty words. Panama City Beach and the Sandpiper Resort are the coolest place around. Each year we stay for my birthday and the people are the nicest around, they treat you better than family. We laugh, swim watch Alabama football and listen to karoke.

  32. Author Image Marsha Dyer says:

    Love Panama City Beach because no matter the problems in life you are having once you arrive beside the beautiful ocean there you are transformed into a world of serenity. We enjoy it every time, celebrated our anniversary there,and plan on taking our daughter for her graduation this 2014.

  33. Author Image Leasa Hawkins says:

    After living in Panama City Beach the last two years and then moving back to my hometown in Jan 2013 I love all the little things that we took for granted…I love all the things Panama City Beach has to offer like concerts New Years Eve Beach Ball drop!

  34. Author Image Robin & Joe says:

    We love going to Panama Beach for the sunshine ocean , beaches, resturants, shopping, relaxation, fun, sunrises and sunsets, the adventure, long walks on the beach, the romance, sightseeing , sea shells, watching the waves, sea gulls, sand pipers, sea turtles, dophins, walking on the peir, and Peir Park LOVE< LOVE< LOVE.

  35. Author Image Devin Shafer says:

    What more could you want in a Spring Break getaway. The absolute best all in one stay any person could want. Tiki punch,BIKINI CONTESTS, beach front, and huge parties every night. I have been here three times and will be back again. You will not be disappointed. SANDPIPER BEACON!!!!

  36. Author Image Tracy says:

    I Love Panama City Beach FL because it is the most relaxing place in the world. I could sit on the beach all day and just watch the beautiful view. The Sandpiper Beacon Resort has replaced Disney as our family’s favorite vacation destination. PC has everything for a great vacation.

  37. Author Image Deanna Waller says:

    I love PCB because there is no place like it to me , I have been coming there since I was a small child. My whole family would come there together at least once a year I am talking about at least 25 of us. Sadly some of them have left us but No one can take our memories away.. Now that I have started a family of my own. me and some of my family have continued our tradition to make those fond memories we still reminisce on today! When you come to PCB it like there’s not a care in the world its peaceful and fun for everyone…Its a wonderful place, salty air ,white sandy beaches….I can feel my toes sifting the sand as we speak :)

  38. Author Image Carrie Fogleman says:

    As a local here in PCB I love that we are still a close knit community and family, considering all the growing PCB has done in the past 10 years. A close knit family community.

  39. Sandpiper Beacon is the most perfect place in the world. You can take the whole family but you’re not stuck with them for the entire time. Sandpiper has so many things going on that everyone can stay busy while I just enjoy the peace and quiet. Everybody is Happy! Yeah!

  40. Author Image Kelly Dalton says:

    I loved Panama City Beach because it so relaxing and a lot of fun. There was so much to do and my kids loved it and want to go back. The Sandpiper rocked and gave us lots to do and a great time! Hope to see you soon Panama City!!!

  41. Author Image Teresa Johns says:

    Panama City Beach was the first place I saw the ocean and the first place my children and grand children saw the ocean. I honeymooned at St. Andrews Park!!! I’ve been to many other beaches but none compare!I love the smell of the ocean when you get close. Its like my soul knows I’m almost there. All my worries just drift out to sea. From a quiet walk down the beach to a splashing afternoon with the little ones….whats not to love!!! Can’t wait to get back there.

  42. Author Image Theresa Salazar says:

    I love Panama City Beach, Florida because I’m from Houston Texas and it looks nothing like Galveston beaches! Sandpiper Beacon Beach resort is the only resort my family will stay. Summer 2013 is a summer my kids will never forget because it was all around just amazing, lovely and unforgettable.

  43. Author Image Kimberly says:

    Panama was very pretty, but the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort was my FAV!! It was VERY family oriented!! There was NEVER a dull moment, even when it was raining! The beaches were also VERY clean! We made our first FAMILY pictures this go around with our beautiful three year old!

  44. Author Image Jackie Renfrow says:

    I love Panama City Beach because it is the most fun beach that I have ever been to. When I am in trainings or meetings and they want you to go to your happy place I go to the beach. We love the Sandpiper Beacon because they are pet friendly.

  45. Author Image Athena says:

    Spring Break in Canada consists of skiing and snowboarding…and I do neither. Bring on white sand beaches, outrageous pool parties, and countless Tiki Punch refills! Come February, I am willing to endure a twenty-four hour bus ride there and back, just so I can party at the Sandpiper Beacon!

  46. Author Image tony says:

    I love Panama city because my vacation was the first thing to put a smile back on my face after losing my father. Panama city allowed me to have one last walk on the beach with him and the first with my wife and kids. Thank you for those memories.

  47. Author Image katie cockerel says:

    I love Panama City Beach because it is a wonderful peaceful place to sit back and relax and enjoy being stress free without seventeen preschoolers yelling my name it is a family friendly area with lots of good people to meet Sand Piper Is by far the greatest of all

  48. Author Image Chelsea Lau says:

    Frost-bitten in the vicious Michigan winds, winter lasts six months. There’s only one escape, only one place, that can heal the worn out heart of a hopeless Michigander. When crushing snow wreaks havoc on my miserable home, there’s a warm light at the end of the tunnel. Panama City beach.

  49. Author Image Donna Mortier says:


  50. Author Image Kathy says:

    Me and my son with muscular dystrophy love Panama City Beach and Sandpiper Beacon because of the white sandy beach and the emerald beautiful water it’s like paradise and heaven all in one. We always say leaving our place we live at we’re going from hell to heaven in PCB.

  51. Author Image Alice Barker says:

    I love Panama City Beach because it is BEAUTIFUL! The Sand,Surf and the Sun…what more could you want? The food and drinks are delicious. I love the Sandpiper Video Cam to wave hello to friends and family that are super jealous they did not get to come along!

  52. Author Image Courtney Conlan says:

    I know if God is relaxing anywhere in the world, one of his favorite places is Panama City. There is something about waking up to the sound of the waves, the sun coming up, and the calm of the morning that is just good for my soul. Love this place.

  53. Author Image Suzanne G Smith says:

    I love Panama City Beach because it’s the first beach I had ever visited in Florida and it was on our honeymoon. The blue water and sunsets made it that much more special. My husband fished while I read a book on the beach, was the best of both worlds.

  54. Author Image Tara says:

    When I vacation at Panama City Beach, I feel like I get to experience some of God’s most magnificent creations, including the ocean, palm trees, dolphins,sea gulls and many other things that make up the beautiful scenery that is almost breathtaking. To win this vacation would be absolutely awesome.

  55. Author Image Michelle says:

    I love Panama City beach and the sandpiper beacon because it has been a great fall break get away for me, my mom, and sister since my dad passed away three years ago. We are able to sit on the white sandy beach, sunshine, and enjoy the fine resort life.

  56. Author Image Kim Lau says:

    I love Panama City Beach Fl because… I love the beach! I enjoy walking the beach and feeling the sand between my toes, relaxing on the beach, listening to the waves, enjoying the warm sunshine and drinking a ice cold margaritas is the only way to have fun on vacation

  57. Author Image Cindy Craig says:

    My Grandma and Uncle brought me to the Sandpiper every year when I was a kid; sometimes twice a year. I’ve come back many times as an adult, bringing my own kids. It feels like coming home each time. I hope to bring my grandchildren soon. I love the beach!!!!!

  58. Author Image jeffrey smith says:

    My wife and I have been visiting Panama City Beach for the past 7 years and have fallen in love with the whole area. Our son even got married down there and when our guests were leaving they said they were coming back. We are all from New York area.

  59. Author Image eva says:

    I love this b/c its not only kid friend,adults can have a good tome also..love it!!!

  60. Author Image Justin Rigdon says:

    I love Panama City Beach as it makes me remember all the good times: the many wild nights of my younger days and now the more peaceful ones as a dad. We can play on the beach all day and do family activities in the evening at the Tiki Bar.

  61. I love Sandpiper Beacon PCBFL. Ya’ll do fun activities and the best birthdays ever. I love the karaoke. Ya’ll are the nicest people ever! Ya’ll are friendly to everybody! I love how ya’ll have water slides, movies, and face painting. It’s the best place to go for kids and families.

  62. Author Image Kelly Pritchett says:

    My family loves going to Panama City Beach ever since I was born I am 36 now it was awesome when I was kid and teenage it is still awesome except it is missing the Miracle Strip amusement park but The Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort awesome place to have fun.

  63. Author Image Debra Helton says:

    Panama City Beach is the place to be.
    You will never want to watch TV
    The sun and surf,the place to play
    I run around there all the day
    I love the sunrise and sunset
    No better place to be yet.
    For sun and fun, here I come!

  64. Author Image Angie Smith says:

    We love Sandpiper Beacon! We visit every year. I love the scavenger hunt, beach side games, and making smore’s. My daughter loves the beach side movies and my son loves the inflatable slides. My husband loves put put golf and the Tiki Bar. Sandpiper Beacon is our favorite vacation spot.

  65. Author Image Kassandra says:

    Sitting at the edge of the water, watching my sun kissed child dig in the sand, forgetful of all the electronic devices he has at his disposal, reminds me of the joys of childhood. It takes me to the simpler life when we are just family in a wondrous world.

  66. Author Image Lisa says:

    It was the place where my heart began to heal. My dad died in March 2009. My mom, sister and I came to Panama City Beach for the first time in October 2009. We have been every October since then, we love the peace and serenity that being there brings.

  67. Sandpiper ,PCB is 8 years and counting of family memories’. I vowed to do more for my children. I had one trip to Florida that I barely remembered? On the other hand ask my children and there are countless stories. Sandpiper , PCB put many smiles and laughter in our hearts!

  68. Author Image Fonda says:

    I love the beach because when I was younger my family always spent the summer there, most of the time we were there, my parents went out deep sea fishing and my two sisters would work on the shell island boat. I enjoy the time at sandpiper.

  69. Author Image Sherri Harrell says:

    I love the Sunsets on the top deck at Sand Piper Beacon, looking through the Palm trees. I love the squeaky sand between my toes. I love the New Years Eve parties and all you have to do is walk to your room. I love the Hot Rod Cars Too!

  70. Author Image Heather Cantrall says:

    Panama City is the vacation for me!
    The sand and sun is so much fun…
    the beautiful sounds of the sea!
    The Sandpiper Beacon has so much to do
    that we hardly have to leave.
    The food is good and the drinks are cold…
    You have to experience to believe!

  71. Author Image travis fox says:

    I love Panama City Beach because I grew up comingthere on vacation and now I want my children to have the same experiences. I remember Miracle Strip Amusement Park and all the mart tracks and now you actually got some of the rides on Pier Park. I love it.

  72. Author Image Shevonne L. says:

    I love Panama City Beach Florida because it feels like home. I always feel all my stress melt away when I smell the ocean in the air. I have been coming to Panama City Beach since I was a toddler. Now I can’t wait to bring my two year old!

  73. Author Image michelle fox says:

    Panama City Beach was the first place my husband and I went on vacation together. That was over ten years ago. We took our kids in May of this year to the Sandpiper Beacon Resort. We were very satisfied with our stay. That’s why we are going back in October.

  74. Author Image Nick Bierman says:

    Panama City Beach is a wonderful place. I really look forward to going to the Sandpiper hotel and going to the beach. I also like a seafood restaurant there, Dusty’s. On the beach, I like swimming in the ocean and making sand sculptures. The beach is not rocky at all.

  75. Author Image Debra Taylor says:

    I love Panama City Beach because of the Sandpiper Beacon. It’s not just a hotel, it’s like home to us. We have been staying at the Sandpiper since we first came in 2000. We have turned others on to it as well. We love the staff who feel more like family than employees. The fact that the Sandpiper is pet-friendly is also a plus! Our dog likes to visit as much as we do. We always go to Pier Park and Mikes restaurant but truthfully one would never have to leave the Sandpiper because of all the amenities you offer and activities for the kids. We stayed there last week and watched the outdoor movie and played beachside bingo. See you again in April!

  76. Author Image Ider says:

    I love the sunset every evening, and also the sound of the waives at night while sleeping with the patio doors open so peaseful I like staying at the sandpiper where I have made a lot of friends and really enjoy the tiki bar and everyone working there and their events

  77. Author Image BRYAN FINEY MCDILL says:


    • Author Image BRYAN FINEY MCDILL says:

      I love panama city for the food an the friends you make down their the musice from the bands ya have for bikeweek for the beach for the drinks that ya have an for the rides an best off all the good people an the clear water and for the sand

  78. Author Image Michelle says:

    My first trip to Panama City Beach and Sandpiper Beacon was during fall break 2012. I was soooo relaxed during my entire stay. The kids played in the sand and I was able to watch them while watching the waves. No clocks, no phones, just peaceful relaxation and beautiful scenery!!

  79. Author Image Misty Pinkston says:

    I love Panama City Beach because it is where my husband told me he loved me for the first time. We fell in love on the sandy beaches, with the waves crashing, and the moonlight shining as he kissed me for the first time. A perfectly romantic moment for us.

  80. Author Image Seth Christian says:

    I love panama city beach because its the best beach in the world.There is so many things to see and do and so many memories that can be made..

  81. Author Image travis fox says:

    I love Panama City Beach because I grew up coming there on vacation and now I want my children to the same experiences. I remember Miracle Strip Amusement park and all the go karts and now they actually got some of the rides on Pier Park. we all love it.

  82. Author Image Dawn says:

    I love Panama City as it reminds me of family vacations past. Days on the beach, nights spent at Miracle Strip and pictures with the bull at Angelo’s. Panama City is “Old Florida” at its best. As an adult, I’m able to make those same precious memories with my children.

  83. Author Image Kim Hanson says:

    Runaway, quickly I go,
    Pack up the family and hit the road.
    Panama City Beach Bound highlighted in white,
    On windshield plainly in sight.
    Children excited, Mom and Dad too,
    Because PCBeach has alot to do.
    Sandpiper Beacon our favorite place to stay,
    Nothing better than a beach family day.

  84. Author Image Heather Chasteen says:

    I love Panama City Beach because they have the most beautiful sunsets. We have spent many impromptu weekends there enjoying the local establishments. My husband proposed to me there and we got married last year on the Lady Anderson Dinner Cruise. Panama City will always be my favorite romantic spot.

  85. Author Image Summer Freeman says:

    I LOVE PANAMA CITY BEACH FLORIDA because my family enjoys staying at The Sandpiper Beacon Resort. We
    are treated as family! We love all activities they have to offer! The beaches are always gorgeous! Every chance we get we head here!! Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort is the “Place” to be!

  86. Author Image Stacy Gordon says:

    There is no place other than Panama City Beach that is tranquil, calming, beautiful, relaxing, and extremely fun. Just knowing that our car had PCB as a destination, all worries fade away. The second you see the ocean makes me feel like a child again…with me screaming “I see it…I see it”! And then when my nose smells the salt water and my toes touch the sand, I’m in heaven! We also love all the shops and of course the food is amazing. But one of our most favorite things, is that once we get to the Sandpiper…we really don’t have to leave for anything…and those Redneck fries….YUMMMMM!!!!!

  87. Author Image Jennifer Patterson says:

    My husband and I love Panama City Beach for one reason and one reason only: The Sandpiper Beacon. We have stayed here six times this year alone. In fact, we are staying here now. We love the tiki bar. Doni is the best bartender in the world!! We love you!

  88. Author Image Joni Courtade says:

    I love Panama City Beach because we have been going coming up on 30 years of staying at the Sandpiper! I love the beach and so does my boys, and I wil not break the tradition. The Sandpiper staff is like my second family, they are so sweet and kind!

  89. Author Image Michelle Robinson says:

    Florida is my favorite place to vacation. My first stay at The Sandpiper Beacon was awesome. I took my Mother who has Dementia to your resort last month, and although she doesn’t remember much, she sure remembers the good time she had. She talks about our vacation all the time.

  90. Author Image christie kennedy says:

    Panama City Beach Florida is our favorite family vacation for over ten years now. We love coming to the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort because there is so much to do for kids and families. The Sandpiper treats us like family. The rooms are very clean and the motel is cheap.

  91. Author Image lisa says:

    I love Panama City Beach because it is an awesome place to take kids for a nice vacation.. plenty of fun stuff to do and the view is always stunning..

  92. Author Image Tammie says:

    I love Panama City Beach FL because our family times there! I have been coming since I was 4 yrs old with my parents! I have such fond memories of our family enjoying the white sand beach and beautiful sunsets!! My father passed away 7 yrs ago I am 40!

  93. Author Image Toby Brewer says:

    I love Panama City Beach because it has that charm about it. Has some of the best gulf seafood restaurants. The best oysters by far. Plus, Sandpiper Beacon is located there with its pearly white beaches and crystal clear water. Tons of activities, great live shows, and the Tiki Bar!

  94. I love Panama City Beach because it is amazingly gorgeous! It is beautiful and super fun!! I grew up on that beach and I would not choose another beach. Sand Piper Beacon Beach Resort is and always will be my favorite place to make memories! Panama city is absolutely wonderful.

  95. Author Image Lisa Knighten says:

    I love Panama City Beach Fl because.
    Panama City beach is wonderful and very romantic for me and my husband. I love walking on the beach in the moonlight looking deep in the eyes of my husband being together forever. Also love having drinks at the Tiki bar at Sandpiper.

  96. Author Image Sarah Kelley says:

    Panama City Beach Florida is where my family has vacationed since I was born. Summers were spent jumping off of the edge of swimming pools there into my grandmothers arms and splashing. With my grandparents passing recently I look forward to my one year old son jumping into my arms!

  97. Author Image christie says:

    We had a blast at THE SANDPIPER BEACON RESORT this past weekend 9/14/13 til 9/15/13. thank you

  98. Author Image Victoria Sweatt says:

    I love Panama City Beach because it is my home away from home. My family goes to Sandpiper Beacon twice, sometimes three times a year. The best part of Panama City is being about to relax and spend time with my family. We will see y’all in only three weeks!!

  99. Author Image Katie Pomeroy says:

    I love Panama City Beach and the Sandpiper Beacon Resort because there is always something to do and they have perfect weather. Waking up to dolphins in front of you in the morning, activities for kids, and a great bar area for the adults. I can’t wait to go back!

  100. Author Image Dana says:

    I love the beach simply because it’s where my future with the greatest man ever became a reality when he asked me to marry him on sandy white beaches of Sandpiper Beacon Resort at Sunset. God put us together and knew just the right place and that was the beach!

    • Author Image William RayIV says:

      I love Panama City Beach because there is no other beach like it. I’ve been coming down to Panama City Beach since I was a young child and have been to other beaches but have yet to find one that gives the desire to come back like Panama City Beach!

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