Tired of Paying Too Much for Your Panama City Beach Hotel? 7 Ways to Stay Cheaper.

A popular trend seems to be people looking for “Cheap Panama City Beach Hotels”.

The reality is, you probably wont enjoy your stay in a “cheap” Hotel. Really, what people want is to stay in the nicer Hotels, but stay there for cheaper, without paying such a high price.

Here’s some good news, that many Hotels won’t be so open about; there are usually ways you can stay in the exact same room that costs $100+ per night, for much less.

Here’s how…


Always Book Direct With the Hotel

book directAny time you book through a thIrd party website or company, you will always have their free added on. They might be nice and friendly, but they are are also in it to make a profit, and that comes from your pocket.

The price you see advertised usually looks the lowest, that’s how they can get so many people interested.

But, once you add their fees and taxes on top, the final price is always higher than the original price you saw.

Tip: Complete the full check-out process so you see the final amount that you will be charged. Then compare THIS price, to the price of booking direct.

You’ll never use a third party site again 🙂


Book Later in the Day or on the Day of Arrival

book on the day of arrivalHotels, Condos and Resorts etc. all adjust their rates based on occupancy.

If a Hotel is empty, their rates will drop to try to encourage people to stay.

Conversely, if they are almost full, and demand is high, then their rates might increase so they can maximize their profit.

This is true for accommodations all over the globe, from international chains, to locally owned Bed & Breakfasts.

So if you can book later in the day, or even on the day you plan to arrive, there may be lower rates on offer up front, or you might be able to do more negotiating at check-in.

Tip: This can be a bit risky. If you have your heart set on a particular room-type or layout, and you wait until the last minute to try to save, those room types may no longer be available. If it’s more important to get exactly what you want, you might want to book sooner and guarantee you get it.


Arrive on a Sunday or Monday

arrive on a sundayDepending on the type of travel you do, there will be “peak” times of the week where traffic is highest.

For resorts in Panama City Beach, the most popular times to stay are weekends, checking in Friday night, and checking out Sunday afternoon.

Since this is when the demand is highest, this is also when the rates will be higher.

If you are more flexible, and you can check in on a Sunday or Monday instead, then you’ll be able to stay in the exact same room for much less.

Or, you could use that savings to upgrade to a larger suite, and get more for your money. Either way, you win!


Book Outside of Peak Season

outside peak seasonIn the same way as above, different destinations have busier seasons.

While Winter might be prime-time for Ski Resorts, it’s not so busy for beach destinations like Panama City Beach, FL.

If you can take your vacation either side of these busy weeks, then you’ll save money on your hotel every time.

The further you stay either side of those peak weeks, the more your savings will go up.

Tip: There’s a balance here of course. You might not want to be sat on the beach in the middle of Winter, unless that Resort comes with heated swimming pools, heated lazy river ride and a Hot Tub 🙂


Stay Just Before or Just After Major Holidays

avoid major holidaysMajor holidays = travel. Certain dates will always, always be busy.

So if you are looking for a cheap hotel in Panama City Beach for July 4th weekend (for example), you’re probably out of luck!

Even the “cheap hotels” increase their rates during these popular times.

You can still use these times of the year to save money though, and here’s how…

The week leading up to major holidays, and the week immediately after though, are usually very quiet.

It’s during these notoriously quieter times, that Hotels are happy to get some business, and will offer lower rates and even free nights for longer stays to try to encourage people to take a trip.

Always Ask for Discounts

ask for discountsNot all, but many Hotels offer discounts for AAA, or AARP members.

Some even offer additional discounts for military families, police, paramedics and firefighters.

While this is at the discretion of the hotel owners, it’s usually worth asking about just in case.

Tip: If you’re really friendly and build up a rapport with the person checking you in, they might have some discounts of free perks they can throw in at their own discretion.

You’re more likely to get some extras or a cheaper room if you’ve been friendly with them, a smile goes a long way!


Stay Somewhere You Don’t Have to Leave

dont have to leaveIf  you have plenty of things to do and places to eat at your hotel, it will work out much cheaper overall.

Imagine leaving your Hotel each time you want to eat, or get bored. That’s two trips per day for food alone.

Not having to leave the Hotel, gives you more time to relax, saves you money and gas.

So planning ahead and finding somewhere with on-site activities, planned entertainment, amenities (waterslides, multiple pools, mini golf, a Tiki Bar etc.) already built into the price will help you come out ahead.

There’s nothing worse than thinking you had a “cheap” vacation, but then dreading looking at the credit card bills when you get home.



save moneyHopefully these money saving tips help you to save money on your next Hotel, without having to resort to staying in a “Cheap Hotel”.

Some of these tips rely on you being flexible with your travel dates, which may be out of the question.

That’s where the others come in, so no matter where, or when you are traveling, these tips should help you stay for less and save some money!