10 Best Hotels That Cater to Both Kids & Pets

MSNBC Names Panama City Beach Hotel among 10 Best Hotels That Cater to Both Kids and Pets

As a recent article released by MSNBC’s Family Vacation expert, Erika Kotite points out, not all kid-friendly hotels also allow pets. The reverse is equally true; if your poodle is welcome, that’s no guarantee that your toddler is too. With this in mind, MSNBC compiled a list of their favorite family-friendly Hotel chains, and a few individual properties, including one (very proud) Panama City Beach Hotel.

Only one Panama City Beach Hotel made the list; The Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort. “We’re always very happy to receive recognition for our efforts” said Patrick Hazzard, General Manager of the Resort. “We constantly strive to exceed guest expectations, and make improvements year-round, so it’s especially nice to be receive praise when something as simple as our day-to-day approach is considered something special.

Pet Friendly Hotel Panama City Beach

Pet Friendly Hotel Panama City Beach

The Sandpiper Beacon is a very Kid-Friendly Panama City Beach Hotel. Known as the “FUN Place!” daily activities, amenities, and entertainment are all centered around the family, with both younger kids and teenagers in mind. From the childcare’s playground on the beach, to the indoor lazy river ride, mini golf on-site, surf clinic, and a host of daily activities including family craft hour. Resort Activities Director, Marphy Porish commented “It’s a bit of a cliché, but the old saying that the family that plays together stays together seems to be true. Since we first began the activities, everyone loves forming a family-team, and competing against other families in dodge-ball, beach games, bingo and scavenger hunts. Plus we’re constantly getting positive feedback about family karaoke and craft hour.

The Sandpiper doesn’t forget about the four-legged family members either. There is a small additional fee for dogs (providing that they fall within the hotel’s weight requirements) but the Sandpiper extends any discounts, or free nights to pets staying with you. (Read more about the Sandpiper Beacon Pet Friendly policy on the Pet Friendly Hotel page).

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