Enjoy Some Time on the Golf Course Next Time You Visit Panama City Beach, FL

A round of¬†golf might not be the first reason for planning a vacation to the beach, but it might help persuade your significant other to taking the vacation you want! ūüôā

While most people think about Panama City Beach, Florida as just 27 miles of beaches, family-friendly attractions, and lots of great seafood restaurants, we also have a handful of golf courses to play on too.

So while there’s no shortage of clear blue skies and white sandy beaches to play on… But you’d be missing out if you didn’t also get to enjoy our¬†lush greens too…


The Oldest Golf Course in Panama City Beach

Signal Hill Golf Course is located just 15 minutes away from the Sandpiper Beacon, and is beautiful.

Take a Photo Tour here, or follow the Course Map here.

It’s certainly¬†rich in history and natural splendor, and some have described it as “a well-maintained wonderland of wide-open fairways and dazzling greens.

Reasonable rates and a friendly staff have kept Sandpiper guests playing there for years.

The 18-holes at Signal Hill are all relatively flat, with some simple confidence-boosting holes and some trickier ones that will keep your ego in check.  

This mixture of difficulty is one of the things that makes Signal Hill the ideal golf course for families, beginners or pros looking for a relaxed round. 


Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold… Just Right!

Just like Goldilocks discovered, finding that mix that feels “just right” is as important in a golf course as it is in a bowl of porridge.

Panama City Beach is also home to championship golf courses, who encourage you to “play where the pros play“.

However, according to a survey conducted by golflinks.com, difficulty was actually the least important factor in determining what makes a golf course great.

So instead of feeling under-challenged by an easy course, or frustrated by an overly complicated one, you’ll actually enjoy your round at Signal Hill.


It’s the Spice of Life…


There’s nothing fun about feeling as though you just played the same hole 18 times.

A well designed golf course will have a good balance of dogleg and straight holes for you to play, each with varying length and difficulty.

On top of that, you should play in just about every direction possible, so as each hole tests a different aspect of your game, you also feel as though you’re making your way around an entire course, not just hitting at a driving range.

Signal Hill was designed with this thinking in mind, and is one of the reasons it’s fun for a casual round by a serious player, or still accessible enough for a game with the family.



The focal point as you drive into Signal Hill Golf Course is the impressive Clubhouse.

Home to a well-stocked pro shop offering club rentals, balls and gloves, as well as a snack shop so you can enjoy a break half way thorough your round.

Greens fees stay reasonable all year round, with golf cart rentals available. Or, if you’re looking to save a bit of money, then you could pay even less by walking.

See more at www.signalhillgolfcourse.com