What if we told you that you could stay in Panama City Beach Condos on the west end, and avoid all of the annoying stuff that comes with condo rentals on the East-end?

It’s actually much easier than many people realize.

Plus it can mean also getting lots of cool extras (at no extra cost) like multiple (indoor and outdoor) swimming pools, 24-hour service, waterslides, a lazy river ride etc.

What Annoying Stuff Do You Mean?

If you’ve spent time in a Panama City Beach Condo before, then you might have stayed on the East-end of the beach, and not even realized it.

Many Condos like to use this as a selling point to, “stay close to all of the action”.

There’s the problem.

What they don’t tell you is that “the action” basically means wasting hours of your vacation stuck in traffic, struggling to find a place to park, fighting to cross busy roads, and more noisy, crowded beaches.

That’s no fun for anybody, but if you add children into mix, then you’re really looking at a stressful time.

There is a Better Way!

It’s completely possible to avoid all the congestion and traffic every day.

You could rent a Panama City Beach Condo that is still close to the action, but separate enough to and enjoy some peace and quiet.

How close? A short fifteen to twenty minute drive is more than manageable every so often.

Plus, that’s still less time than you’d waste being stuck “in the heart of the action” the entire week!

[+] Escape the Congestion

You didn’t chose to vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida to recreate Times Square, New York.

West-End Panama City Beach Condos let you stay close to the action but still separate enough to be able to enjoy it!

[+] New Developments

All major new developments, including Pier Park North complex (shopping / restaurants / bars) are taking place towards the West End of Panama City Beach.

The West end is quickly becoming the desirable place to be.

[+] Quieter Beaches

This is your vacation, enjoy it without hearing everybody else’s conversations.

The loudest thing you should hear on the beach is the sound of the waves, or maybe your children laughing.

[+] Easy Access

Panama City Beach Condo rentals on the West End are still super close to all the attractions and restaurants located further East.

It’s not like you’re staying so far removed that you have to chose between the two.

Staying closer to Pier Park simply gives you the best of both Worlds, without any of the downsides of either.

[+] Take a Look at the Condos

All that’s left to do is to click here to see photos of the Condos and get prices!

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