You have a fairly wide choice of Panama City Beach hotels on Front Beach Road.

Taking just 5 minutes before you book somewhere to read this will help to make sure you pick the best one…

So if you want to learn how to find find the best Hotel in Panama City Beach, Florida on Front Beach Road, then this is for you.

1. Are There Plenty of Things To Do?

Many Hotels on Front Beach Road seem to rely on their location as the only way to offer guests value. Simply being on Front Beach Road isn’t going to be enough for many families.

It’s important that the hotel is on the beachside to begin with. It’s difficult to stress just how important this is to the overall quality of your stay.

Secondly, just having a small swimming pool or a gym facility isn’t going to keep you entertained for the duration of your vacation.

Ideally, you want to find somewhere with multiple pools (indoor and outdoor / seasonally heated), waterslides, a lazy river ride, mini golf, beachside Tiki bar, planned family and children’s activities and contests with prizes etc.

A hotel offering plenty of things to do all day (aimed at all different ages), will keep everyone in your family occupied and happy, without you having to spend extra money on expensive attractions every day.

2. Do They Offer Places To Eat On-Site?

Another way that the best Panama City Beach Hotels on Front Beach Road stand out from the pack, is by offering guests a selection of places to eat on-site, without having to leave.

You’re never far from chain restaurants, or fast food places on Front Beach Road, so almost everywhere can offer that.

But a Hotel that has places you can grab a bite to eat while you still have your bathing suit on (letting you sit around the pool instead of getting changed and driving somewhere) wins every time.

Now if that hotel also had a variety of places too, you’ve really struck gold.

Seafood / Pizza / Burgers / Kid’s Menu / Deli / Ice Cream Shop… Now we’re talking!

3. Do They Have Planned Activities and Entertainment?

Think of this as an extension of point #2.

Instead of staying in  a hotel that charges you for the bed you sleep in, and the room to go with it – looks for somewhere that offers a lot of extras already included in the price.

Some hotels in Front Beach Road are really geared towards families, and have incredible Polynesian Fire dancing shows from Universal Studios in Orlando, Sunset S’mores nights on the beach, family craft hour, beachside bingo, fun scavenger hunts and more.

4. Is There a Wide Choice of Rooms & Suites?

We’ve all stayed somewhere that only offered a king bed, or two queen beds for example. Basically, not exactly what you need.

Many times, this means that because of the hotel’s limitations, and for no fault of your own, you end up paying for more beds / space you don’t need.

That’s not right. 

Somewhere that offers a wider variety of customizable rooms and suites is more likely to have a perfect fir for your family, meaning you aren’t spending money for nothing.

The Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort is one example. From hotel rooms with small kitchenettes, to larger suites that sleep groups of four, six, eight, or ten with full kitchens. Multiple separate sleeping areas, shared living areas, rooms with views, without a view, and partial views. Private Condos, Beach Houses, and Villas.

What To Do Next

So the next time you are trying to find a great hotel on Front Beach Road, make sure you aren’t paying for things you are not getting, and even more importantly, make sure you are getting exactly what you pay for.

Learn more about the different Sandpiper Beacon Rooms and Suites here.

Take a look at all the things to do right there at the resort here.

Or to simply check the rates and availability, call the friendly and helpful Reservations team right there at the hotel 24/7 FREE on 1-800 488-8828.