Welcome to Poké – Mon City Beach! 😉 Pokémon Go has taken over, and it’s huge!

Just because you’re on vacation in Panama City Beach, doesn’t mean that the hunt has to stop… There’s a bunch of stops and a handful of Gyms you can do some serious leveling up in, and snag some rare finds!

Hopefully you have a sweet tooth, because there’s enough candy to go around for everybody!

Quick Disclaimer: While we appreciate an augmented reality as much as the next guy, we do encourage you to look up every once in a while and take in some of our awesome attractions, restaurants, and fun things to do in Panama City Beach! 😉 Our beach reality is too good to miss…


1. Poké Stops at Most Beach Access Points

Pokemon Stop 1Hurray! An excuse to get to the beach and stroll around a while.

Just a heads up, if you do plan to check out the beach access points, be aware that not all of them have parking.

If you’re being systematic, then it might be a good plan of attack to drive from one end to the other (West to East for example) and try your luck as you go.

There’s 96 different Beach access points along Panama City Beach. While that might seem daunting, it is a pretty great way to explore, and discover some places you didn’t know about before!

You can find all the beach access points here: http://www.co.bay.fl.us/parks/beach.php


2. Poké Stop at Coconuts Restaurant

Pokemon Stop 2Located at the West end of the beach, opposite the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort, is Coconuts Restaurant.

All this walking around can give you an appetite, so we’d definitely recommend stopping in for the “best breakfast on the beach”, or any of of their awesome signature Pizzas.

Better yet, if you’re out hunting on a Tuesday, take advantage of their Taco Tuesday deal with $3 Mahi-Mahi Tacos!

Find out more here: http://www.sandpiperbeacon.com/panama-city-beach/coconuts-restaurant.shtm



3. Poké Stop in Aaron Bessant Park

Pokemon Stop 3This is just another great excuse to check out Aaron Bessant Park in Pier Park!

This is a perfect, wide open space to roam around in. No cars or busy roads to worry about when playing is always a plus!

You’ll know you’re in the right place because of all the other people with iPads and phones dashing around!

Top tip: check out the amphitheater 😉



4. Poké Stop at the Panama City Beach Marina (in town)

Pokemon Stop 4So far, this location is the star of the show. We realize it’s not on the beach, but it is just a short drive over the Hathaway Bridge, and it really is a terrific spot!

So far it’s the best place we’ve found or heard about in and around the Panama City area for anybody with a serious Pokémon Go itch!

You should definitely be able to add some new Pokémon to your collection!

It’s a great location with lots of other players around as well as 3 other Poké Stops overlapping nearby.

So it’s a good tip to take some chairs, food and drink, and set up for a little while.


5. Gym at the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport

Pokemon Stop 5Ideal if you are flying in/out of the Airport already, otherwise this might just have to be a specific drive to Airport.

Parking under 30minutes is free, so depending how long you plan to be there, you may want to drive out and back in again.

If you have an accomplice, maybe they could get away with waiting in the short term overflow lane to the right of the Airport, while you go in and get to work…

Depending how serious you are though, it might just be easier to park, and go and hang out inside. It’s nice and spacious, air conditioned, and there is a souvenir shop and place to grab a bite to eat.


6. Gym inside Pier Park

Pokemon Stop 6If you’ve visiting Panama City Beach, you probably didn’t need an excuse to visit Pier Park anyway.

Lined with awesome bars, boutique shops, a huge variety of restaurants, and exciting attractions like the XD Darkride Experience (a must-try for anybody who likes video games)!

But, just in case Pier Park wasn’t already on your hit-list, it needs to be now!

The best part is that there’s plenty of free parking, and if there’s anybody in the group who isn’t trying to catch, train, and fight Pokémon, there’s plenty for them to do.


We’ll continue to update the list once we find out more hot-spots, in the meantime… Happy hunting!