The “perfect” Spring Break destination isn’t difficult to discover.

You know you need beautiful beaches and plenty of sunshine.

That still leaves a lot of destinations. However, many are overseas and require vaccines / foreign currency / flights and a valid Passport.

Each one of those things by themselves is extra headache. But all 4 at once rules out a few places straight away.

So where do we have left that still checks all our must-haves off, without any extra hassle?


The “Perfect” Destination

One destination stands heads and shoulders above the pack. Panama City Beach, Florida.

The destination known as the Spring Break Capital of the World.

You don’t need any expensive vaccines or foreign currency, and you don’t need a passport or expensive international flights.

Panama City Beach is located within an easy drive from many surrounding states.

Driving is cheaper than flying right away. Then, when you split the cost of gas 3 or 4 ways it quickly starts to look better and better!


Fly or Drive!

Now, Panama City Beach does have an International Airport. It brings in hundreds of European Spring Breakers every single year.

Plus, it does make the destination more accessible to other parts of the country… BUT, the point is this. While you HAVE TO fly to many other Spring Break destinations, heading to Panama City Beach gives you more options.

Throw in international celebs and DJs. Add beach concerts and what feels like endless activities and entertainment all week, and you quickly see why Panama City Beach is hard to beat.


Hotels. Resorts. Condos & More!

There’s also no shortage of places to stay.

Some places, like the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort rent to Under 25s, and have an on-site Tiki Bar right on the beach.

Spring Breakers can enjoy daily beach games and contests with sponsored prize giveaways and merchandise.

It’s also one of the most popular Resort-Hotels in Panama City Beach, with so many things going on right there at the property, that many guests never leave during their stay.

With two great places to eat tight there on-site, you can wake up whenever you want to and grab a bite to eat. There’s no better way to get your day started than by enjoying breakfast in hammock on the beach 🙂


Stay Smarter…

So choosing to stay at a Resort known as the “Spring Break Fun Place” in a destination known as the “Spring Break Capital of the World” seems like a pretty safe bet for an unforgettable week!

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