It might just be because we’re over this cooler weather already, but our attention is firmly on warmer weather and sunnier skies.

To keep our eye on the prize , and help you focus on the hot summer ahead, here’s some simple hacks you’ll love.

1. Cool Your Drinks in a Flash

drinks hack

You’ve got some serious vacationing to do, all this waiting patiently while your drinks cool down is for the birds…

If you need ice cold refreshment in a flash, it couldn’t be simpler…

Simply wet some paper towels under the faucet, and use them to wrap up your drink.

Then place the wrapped drinks in the freezer, and in just 3 minutes they will be frosty cool.



2. Make a Floating Cooler

cooler hack

Picture this; you’re just floating around the swimming pool, minding your own business, when suddenly you realize you finished your drink.

Do you put everything on hold to get another ice cold drink?

Of course not!

Just use your floating cooler that you made using rope/string, and a pool noodle in just 5 minutes!

Total cost: $10


3. The Ultimate S’More Machine

smores hack

Nothing says summer is here quite like siting around the campfire roasting s’mores.

(Sunset S’mores is actually a planned family activity at the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort.)

For less than $15 you can head to your local hardware store, and pick up a brand new multi-pronged rake.

Just remember to give it a quick clean before you use it!