Enjoy a Special Dining Experience at The Terrace Restaurant

One of the best parts of any vacation, is enjoying special meals that make you want to go back for more.

The Terrace Restaurant is one one of those places. Located between Panama City Beach, and Seaside (30A) in Inlet Beach, this gem could easily be missed if you didn’t know about it.

Lucky for you, that isn’t the case…

Welcome to the Terrace

Greek Chefs from New York, Thom and Katherine opened the doors to the Terrace in 1990. They have been receiving positive customer reviews online, and critical acclaim ever since.

Highlights from Southern Living Magazine’s review the Terrace include “unique and fabulous dining establishment”, and fantastic food with an elegant touch for every appetite.”

Chef Thom’s 30+ years of experience should assure you that his attention to detail, and pride in his work are second to none.

Coastal Cuisine & Fine Dining

When you first walk into the Terrace, you could be forgiven for expecting a simple home-cooked meal; the atmosphere is so welcoming, relaxed and casual.

Don’t let that mislead you though. The Terrace is a fine dining restaurant, and the menu (and the wine list) are truly World class.

Starting with the freshest hand-picked ingredients, which are as professionally prepared as they are beautifully presented on the plate.

Of course, being located so close to the Gulf of Mexico, you can expect some superb seafood dishes.

However, the diverse menu also includes some stunning lamb, beef, poultry and pork dishes too, and special vegetarian options are available upon request.

Satisfied Customers

Hearing a business tell you about how great they are only goes so far.

The true test, is hearing what paying customers have to say; and they are enthusiastically positive! (Taken from Tripadvisor.com)

Here are some genuine customer reviews taken from online…

This restaurant was the best meal we had on vacation! The staff was very attentive and friendly.

I have been going to the Terrace for many years now, and still I can say, it is always phenomenal! I hope that you will make a point not to miss this charming restaurant. I’m confident that you too will become a dedicated, repeat customer!

This restaurant has been recommended to us by some very knowledgable folks. This is the best restaurant in Bay County – hands down, and the one to which we will be taking all of our visitors from up north.

Tapas & Drinks

You can still experience the high quality at the Terrace from the comfort of the Bar.

Enjoy a special Tapas menu, and sample and share several smaller dishes with friends, along with an expertly-prepared cocktail.

While the Terrace has a full-bar, they specialize in Martinis.

Tip: Get to know T.J behind the bar, he’s well-known for making a fantastic drink!

Experience it for Yourself!

You’ve heard us tell you how good it is.

You’ve read the customer reviews.

Now you just need to experience it for yourselves, and take our word for it… You’ll be back 🙂

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