Ice Cream Shop

Plus Sorbet & Frozen Yogurt with 44+ Topping Bar!

The perfect way to beat the Florida heat, and cool off on a hot summer afternoon. Just steps away from the beach, come inside our on-site Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt parlour and get refreshed - Right here at the Resort!

Indulge yourself, and enjoy a few scoops of real dairy ice cream, fat-free frozen yogurt, or crisp fruit flavored sorbet, and create the perfect experience by adding your own toppings (Over 44 to choose from!).

The Ice Cream parlour also doubles as a business center with free WiFi.

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Panama City Beach

Real Dairy Ice Cream

Real Dairy Ice Cream

Our premium quality real dairy ice cream uses the finest milk, cream and sugar. It's made the old-fashioned, traditional way, so it tastes just like it was hand-cranked. Once you try some, you'll know why we eat as much as we can and we sell the rest.

Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt

Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt

A healthier alternative to ice cream, that's packed with minerals and nutrients, low in sodium and cholesterol - so you can satisfy that sweet tooth without any of the guilt. A variety of delicious, seasonal flavors are available, and change throughout the year.

Refreshing Fruit Sorbet

Fruit Sorbet

Enjoy another healthier, low-fat alternative to ice cream. Our yummy frozen sorbets are all made from sweetened water flavored with delicious fruit juices and purée. Excite your taste buds with crisp and refreshing flavors like Mango Tango and Strawberry Lemonade!

44+ Toppings to Choose

44+ Toppings

Don't leave your ice cream naked! Our bar is freshly stocked each day with an assortment of delicious toppings that will literally make you feel like a kid in a candy store! From fresh fruit for the frozen sorbet and Frozen Yogurt, to mouthwateringly good candy, chocolate, and peanut butter clusters for the ice cream.

Ice Cream Milkshakes

Ice Cream Milkshakes

The only way our real dairy ice cream gets any better is when we blend it for you with ice-cold milk and throw a straw in it. Nothing beats a good old-fashioned "real" milkshake, and ours are the best... Rich, thick and creamy. Yes, you can have 2.

Ice Cold Drinks

Ice Cold Drinks

Nothing beats the refreshing sound of the bubbles popping, and the ice cracking as you pour a crisp soft drink on a hot day at the beach. We have a wide selection to choose from, so no matter what you're craving, we've got you covered!

Candy Bars & Snacks

Candy and Snacks

Now you can be that "kid in a candy store" and help yourself to whatever your sweet tooth is craving.

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