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Polynesian Show on the Beach

Prepare Yourself for an unforgettable Experience


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Polynesian Island Revue

Let us bring the spirit and magic of South Pacific Islands to your vacation. The Sandpiper Beacon is proud to present our incredible, authentic Polynesian show under the stars that will captivate your imagination.

The experience begins at sunset, with hula dancing lessons on the beach for the kiddos. To really give you a 'taste' of the islands, the beachside Deli will be serving authentic Polynesian style food (freshly prepared each day). The delicious Lu'au menu options are sure to satisfy everyone in your group (please note: food is not included with the free show).

Experience Polynesia

Take a seat in front of our main beachside Tiki Bar stage and watch in amazement the traditional songs and dances performed from all over the islands that comprise Polynesia: Tahiti, Aotearoa, Fiji, New Zealand, Samoa, and Hawaii. Lively performances, and colorful costumes light up the beach stage, and the rich heritage and essence of Polynesia comes alive in the songs and dances of the South Pacific.

The show climaxes with an unforgettable ritual fire dance! This is an incredible experience you'll remember for a lifetime!

The Polynesian Show and Lu'au is a seasonal form of entertainment, and isn't offered all year round. To check if the polynesian show will be held during your vacation, please call our Reservations team free, on 1-800 488-8828.

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