Cheap Panama City Beach Hotels

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Cheap Panama City Beach Hotel?

A lot of people planning a beach vacation head to their search engine of choice, and type in something like “Cheap Panama City Beach Hotels“. Their entire family vacation is resting on one factor; cost.

Everybody wants the best deal possible, and now more than ever, it’s important to know that your dollar is going as far as it can. We understand that. But there’s also an important difference between the word “CHEAP” and getting excellent “VALUE“.

Do you really want ‘Cheap’?

Think about it this way; “cheap” has a negative association with it. Poorly made products made from cheap materials that actually fall apart after one use. Suddenly, you have to buy another ‘cheap’ item because the first one didn’t last that long… and so on. Before long, that “bargain” because something was so cheap has ended up costing you more.

cheap panama city beach hotel

Do you really want “cheap”?

Well, it works the same way with Hotels… At first, it seems like you have discovered an incredible bargain when you found that cheap hotel – how could you resist a price like that?! But then you get there, and it looks, and feels cheap. But, you’re on vacation – so you look on the bright side, and stay positive… after all, the beach is still as beautiful.

Before long, you want something to eat, or something to do to keep the kids happy… If you’re staying at a “cheap panama city beach hotel“, chances are, there’s nowhere to eat on-site, and even less to do. So you put your vacation on hold, jump in the car, and spend a few hours and a fistful of dollars on something to keep the kids entertained.

Repeat this a few times, and before long, your cheap vacation has ended up costing you more than you thought. Plus you still have to get home and look at the credit card bills – then you’ll find out just how expensive your cheap vacation actually was.

There is a better way.

By looking for a Panama City Beach Hotel that offers great VALUE instead of simply being CHEAP.

There is a better way…

It’s nice knowing how much your vacation is going to cost you up front, instead of being surprised by the high bills at the end… There are hotels in Panama City Beach that offer rooms and suites with kitchens in the rooms, allowing you to prepare meals yourself in your room!

If you do some research, you’ll even find hotels that offer LOTS of family-friendly activities and entertainment throughout the day. All week. All year-round. For toddlers, teens, and those in-between. On-site activities like mini-golf, lazy-river rides, waterslides, beachside games and contests, X-Box Kinect contests and more. Oh yeah, and if you really luck out – the hotel also will also offer most of these activities and entertainment completely FREE OF CHARGE to all registered guests…


You only get one vacation… Do it right!

Now we’re getting somewhere. No more putting your vacation on hold constantly to find ways to entertain the family. No more unexpected, out-of-pocket expenses every day. And no more getting home, and dreading looking at the credit card statement… Instead, you can enjoy more fun, more things to do, and more smiles per hour 🙂

So where is this amazing Hotel, you ask?

Well there’s good news! If you’re reading this you’ve already found it… The Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort gives you lots of things to do included in the price of your room (see the list above) without you having to leave to spend money elsewhere. Like multiple pools, great amenities, a huge selection of customizable rooms to choose from, and 24/7 guest service. Not many “cheap hotels in Panama City Beach” can offer all that…

So before you book the first ‘cheap hotel ‘you find, be sure to factor in additional costs, and make sure that great deal is really so good after all…

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