Tips on Finding Panama City Beach Hotels Cheaper

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Panama City Beach Hotels Cheap

How to Find a Panama City Beach Hotel for Cheap

We all like to get a good deal, no matter what we’re buying.
This is especially true, the more expensive the purchase is.
So when it comes time to book your vacation to Panama City Beach, Florida – you’ll know how to find the best deals after reading this.

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Time of Year

cheap hotels 3The first thing to realize is that the time of year you visit will be the biggest factor in how much you pay.

It’s going to be much harder to find a cheap hotel if you can only travel on weekends in the middle of Summer.

Any time the demand is the highest (weekends / holidays), it will be harder to find a cheaper rate.

TIP: If you can, take your vacation when Schools are back in, or just after the major holidays like Memorial Day, July 4th etc.

TIP: If you can’t help but travel during the busy times of the year, try to arrive on a Sunday or Monday. By doing this, you’ll find cheaper deals because the hotels / condos will have more availability during the middle of the week.

Just Ask!

cheap hotels 2Sometimes, especially at larger chains and franchise hotels the manager will have a certain amount s/he can discount at their discretion.

It’s always worth a friendly request, something as simple as “Is there anything you can do to make it a little cheaper?” Can go a long way…

After all, the worst they can tell you is, sorry, no.

TIP: Being friendly and establishing a rapport with person on the other end of the phone can turn into real savings.

Check the Website

cheap hotels 3Some hotels publish their cheapest deals online.

It really can pay to take an extra 10 minutes and do a little research.

Try to find a coupons or discounts page, and double-check to see that the rates you are quoted on the phone, do in fact reflect their best offer during that time.

TIP: Be sure you are comparing like-for-like if you plan on questing a rate. A discount may be advertised for up to 3 people, and you may have 5 for example.

Free Nights

cheap hotels 4Most places will offer cheaper rates during shoulder seasons, but some will even give you completely FREE nights for longer stays during certain times of the year.

For example, the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort has the following FREE Night specials during the shoulder seasons;

Pay 2 Stay 3 – Pay 3 Stay 4 – Pay 5 Stay 7.

TIP: Cheap is good, but FREE is even better! :-)

cheap panama city beach hotels

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Sandy Piper
Sandy has a wealth of local knowledge about the Panama City Beach area. From fun, family-friendly accommodations, to restaurants, attractions and more.

Specializing in Family-travel, Sandy has been writing about Panama City Beach and the Gulf Coast for several years.

2 Responses to “Tips on Finding Panama City Beach Hotels Cheaper”

  1. Author Image Tashina Barber says:

    Hi Sandy, I am looking into vacationing in Panama City 2015 and I need a resource for hotels to accommodate a large group of 50 approximately 18-20 rooms. Can you get me started.

    • Author Image Sandy Piper says:

      Hey Tashina, thanks for reaching out :-)

      I’ve passed your details along to the group reservations manager at the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort.

      If for some reason they can’t accommodate your group, he’ll be able to recommend places that can!

      Good luck, and enjoy your visit :-)

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