Panama City Beach News July 2012

Panama City Beach News Roundup July 2012

A lot of exciting new developments took place in Panama City Beach in July 2012. From example 1 to example 2. This summary is the best way to quickly see everything that happened, and catch up on all the latest Panama City Beach News!

Bikers Gather in Panama City Beach to Raise Money for Wounded Warriors( July 7th )

Almost 1,000 bikers gather in Pamama City Beach to raise money for the Wounded Warriors project. Event organizers hope to mae this an annual event to raise money for Americans wounded while fighting for their country.

lochteU.S. Olympic Men’s Swimming Team Announces Visit to Panama City Beach ( July 11th )

Olympic swimmers Ryan Lochte and Conor Dwyer announced that they will be in Panama City Beach for a charitable fundraiser later this year. The event, which benefits the Mac Crutchfield Foundation, will feature numerous activities, including a one-hour autograph session and an appearance by U.S. Olympic Men’s Team and University of Florida head coach Gregg Troy as the featured guest speaker.

Panama City Beach Chef to Cook at Olympic Closing Ceremony ( July 12th )

Panama City Beach chef announces that he will be flying to London, England to help prepare food for thousands of volunteers at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games. Chef Paul Stellato of the Firefly restaurant in Panama City Beach, along with 7 other chefs from various areas will be going to London.

st-louisSt Louis flights to Panama City Beach are a Success ( July 15th )

The test of Southwest Airlines service from St. Louis to Panama City Beach airport looks to be a success. Website traffic to the official Panama City Beach website from St Louis almost doubled over the same time last year.

Feel the Movies in Pier Park’s Grand Cinema With Brand New D-BOX Seating ( July 16th )

Panama City Beach is officially home to the coolest new innovation in Cinema technology – DBOX Seating. This allows viewers to “feel” the movie as the chairs rattle and move in time with the action on-screen. This makes Panama City Beach the first theater in North Florida to use this brand new technology, and for $8 on top of regular ticket price – you can experience it too!

Endangered Sea Turtle Dies in Panama City Beach ( July 19th ) turtle

A rare Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle died after surgery in Gulf World marine park. Surgeons tried to remove fishing line wrapped around his front flipper and hooks from his mouth and intestines. The staff named the turtle Captain Hook, but despite a successful surgery, sadly the endangered sea turtle didn’t survive.

Sporting Events Bring Thousands to the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches ( July 22nd )

Sporting events bring record breaking crowds to the beach! The Grand Slam Baseball and USFA Fastpitch Softball tournaments brought over 700 teams in July alone.  That’s roughly 32,000 visitors – including the officials, players and their families.

ZooWorld Icon, Sydney the Giraffe Dies ( July 24th )

Sydney the giraffe, a Zooworld, Panama City Beach icon passed away this month. Panama City Beach has lost an icon. A memorial is being planned for Sydney.

cubsZooWorld Lets Visitors Play With African Lion Cubs ( July 26th )

Zooworld also announced that visitors can now book sessions to play with 9-week old African lion cubs. This is an important part of socializing the animals so they are used to human interaction when they grow.

Failed Attempt to Steal World Record From Panama City Beach ( July 28th )

Exit 66 nightclub in Ft Lauderdale attempts to steal Guinness World Record from Panama City Beach but fails. The title stays in Panama City Beach. Australia (the holders of the record before Panama City Beach took it), have already planned to recapture it later this year, in October.


Panama City Beach Makes TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Stunning Sunsets ( July 31st )

Panama City Beach makes it to TripAdvisor’s Top 10 most Stunning Sunsets in a recent list created from actual photos taken by travelers. Also in the list were stunning sunsets from Egypt, Mauritius, and the Maldive.