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Finn’s Island Style Grub – Serving the Best Fish Tacos on the Beach Since the Summer of ’09 [google1]

I think the goal of any Panama City Beach vacationer is to figure out where the locals go to eat. Locals are the ones that know where the best, freshest, and most delicious gulf coast cuisine is hiding.  Take it from the insiders; Finns Island Style Grub is where it’s at… You will not find seafood like this anywhere else on the Emerald Coast.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover: Finn’s isn’t your typical sit down restaurant, but a food wagon with a dining area in front. Still, you know you have come to the right place when, despite the heat, locals are often seen lining up, waiting to sink their teeth into one of the delectable dishes offered on the menu. The reasons are simple; fresh ingredients, simply prepared menu items, reasonable prices, and a friendly staff. A family of four can enjoy a great meal for around 25 bucks!

The three most ordered items on the menu are the fresh fish or shrimp tacos (2per order), “The Chop” burrito, and the local, made daily ceviche, featuring the catch of the day – delivered each morning by the fisherman. Since the dishes are made with whatever is in season or freshly caught, it is a different culinary experience every time you visit.  I have personally enjoyed tacos and ceviche featuring grouper, scallops, gulf shrimp, mahi mahi, red snapper, or on an especially lucky day, all five!

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If you aren’t in to seafood – no worries… Finn’s has you covered with their Gnarly Nachos and their Carne Asada or Yard Bird Tacos stuffed with beef, jerk chicken or yummy veggies that are locally grown.

Finn’s uses all fresh ingredients to fill, dress, and spice up your lunch whether you have the tacos, Caribbean inspired yard bird tacos, build it yourself GIANT burritos and wraps, or one of their gorgeous crisp salads or ceviches. Finn’s even has several desserts to choose from including refreshing fruit smoothies; the perfect to cool off on a hot day. Any local will tell you that Finn’s has an extra something that makes the smoothies special (a dab of organic agave nectar). They always have a filled-to-the-brim, icy cooler with drinks to wet your whistle, including fresh squeezed lemonade (the fisherman’s favorite).

Shrimp Ceviche from Finn's

Shrimp Ceviche from Finn's

The Finn’s Island Style Grub truck is located next to Mr Surf’s Surf Shop on Thomas Drive, 9 miles east of the Sandpiper Beacon, and is open 7 days a week from 10a.m. until 8p.m. except on Sundays when they close at 4p.m. Also, Finn’s head chef, and business owner is cousins with the Sandpiper Beacon’s very own Beach Service Steve!

Let’s review… delicious food, local flavor, great prices, and friendly service. What is not to love?! And the best part is that your kids will have no idea that they are eating healthy, local food. There is something for everyone in the family on the Finn’s menu. Treat your family to a delicious meal, a mosey around the surf shop, and then cross the street, fruit smoothies in hand, for a dip in the beautiful emerald waters of Panama City Beach. Now THAT is a day to be remembered!

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