The Best Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt in Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach proudly welcomed its very first Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt and Sorbet shop in Spring 2013.

Located at the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort (on Front Beach Road) the Tasty Waves Ice cream Shop provides an excellent way to cool off, and beat the Florida heat on a hot summers day.

Another unique feature of this family-friendly ice cream shop, is the incredible toppings bar; offering you 44+ ways to customize your frozen treat, and make it truly one of a kind.

panama city beach fl ice cream

Made using the finest milk, cream and sugar…

Premium Real Dairy Ice Cream

Indulge yourself with a cup or waffle cone filled with premium quality real dairy ice cream. All the Ice Cream is still made the old-fashioned, traditional way, making it rich, creamy, and deliciously addictive.

As soon as you have your first scoop, you’ll see why we eat as much as we can and sell the rest.

panama city beach fl frozen yogurt

Fat-Free and no added sugar 🙂

Fat Free Frozen Yogurt

Perfect if you’re looking for a healthier alternative, but still want to indulge a little… Jam-packed with minerals and nutrients, and low in sodium and cholesterol.

A variety of delicious, seasonal flavors are available, and change throughout the year.

panama city beach fl sorbet

Crisp, refreshing, and delicious AND less fat than Ice Cream!

Refreshing Fruit Sorbet

The delicious Frozen Sorbet is another healthier, low-fat alternative to Ice Cream. The Sandpiper’s yummy frozen sorbets are all made from sweetened water flavored with delicious fruit juices and purée.

Watch out though, it’s easy to get hooked on like Mango Tango and Strawberry Lemonade!

panama city beach fl milkshakes

Crazy-good, thick, rich and creamy treats!

Ice Cream Milkshakes

Nothing beats a thick and creamy old fashioned blended ice cream milkshake made with real ice cream while you wait.

After all, you’re supposed to be on vacation, you shouldn’t have to chew your ice cream – let us put a straw in it for you instead 🙂

ice cream bar toppings

Explore our amazing selection of delicious and colorful toppings!

44+ Toppings Bar

Don’t leave your ice cream naked! The incredible Topping Bar is freshly stocked each day with an assortment of delicious additions that will literally make you feel like a kid in a candy store!

From fresh fruit for the frozen sorbet and Frozen Yogurt, to mouthwateringly good candy, chocolate, and peanut butter clusters for the ice cream.

panama city beach fl pizza

Pizzas, Hot Dogs, Pretzels, Nachos and More!

Hot Snacks

Hungry? Grab a quick bite to eat! The Ice Cream Shop also sells Hot ‘N’ Fresh Pizza by the slice, Nachos & Melted Cheese, Baked Pretzels, and classic Ball Park style Hot Dogs.

panama city beach fl wifi

Surf N Snack


Pull up a seat and watch the world go by. Bonus points for uploading your vacation photos to Facebook and making your friends and coworkers jealous 🙂

The Ice Cream Shop is also a free WiFi hotspot. Take a break, charge your device, and enjoy the free WiFi.