Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort

One of the biggest features that sets the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort apart from other Panama City FL Hotels is the HUGE selection of Rooms & Suites.

The Sandpiper Beacon is definitely not just another chain hotel offering dozens of the same cookie-cutter layout rooms.


save money at the sandpiper beaconWe think your vacation experience should be tailored to your unique needs as much as possible. And any time you can customize choices, and control your budget has to be a good thing.

Don’t pay for things you don’t need! Staying at the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort can help leave more money in your pocket for the things you actually want to spend it on.

Guests staying at the Sandpiper Beacon can pick from a wide variety of rooms and suites. Rooms sleeping from 1 all the way up to 10 people. Each of those units can be further customized with/out kitchens, sleeping configurations, and view options.

large groupsWe realize our guests are not always 2 adults and 2 kids.

Sometimes you have a larger group. Or maybe you’re traveling with friends to split the cost, and make your Panama City Beach vacation more affordable.

That’s where many other hotels just aren’t equipped to help. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered 🙂



Sandpiper Beacon Rooms and Suites at a Glance

At a glance, we offer the following room types:

  • Hotel rooms Without a Kitchen (sleeps 2-4);
  • Hotel rooms With Kitchens (sleeps 4-6);
  • 2 Room Suites (sleeps 6-8);
  • 3 Room Suites (sleeps 8-10);
  • For larger parties, or people looking for a little extra privacy, the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort also has Condos, Villa Townhouses, and Beach Houses (sleeping up to 10).

The Sandpiper’s Panama City Beach Condos, Villa Townhouses, and Beach Houses are all beachfront, and offer spectacular views.

Each of the other rooms and suites come in non-view, partial-view, and beachfront configurations. Giving you complete control over your budget.

No matter which accommodation type you choose, all guests of the Sandpiper Beacon get to enjoy complete access to ALL of the resort’s amenities, kid’s activities, family entertainment and 24/7 service (housekeeping, maintenance, resort services, etc.)

Hotel Rooms without a Kitchen

Enjoy all the essential comforts of a beachfront hotel room, including a mini fridge and microwave.

Perfect for single travelers, couples on a budget, or families with one or two children.

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Hotel Rooms with a Kitchen

Sandpiper Beacon Hotel rooms with kitchens let you prepare meals in your room.

Letting you save some money by not not dining out all the time.

Hotel Rooms with a kitchen include a stove/oven, coffee maker, full-size refrigerator/freezer, microwave and toaster. Pots & pans, silverware and utensils are also provided.

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2 Room Suites

Offering extra space, as well as the convenience of separate sleeping areas.

The Sandpiper’s two room suites are perfect for those with a larger group.

All two room suites come with kitchens (described above) and one separate bedroom from the kitchen/living area, with additional sleeping in the kitchen/living area for more people.

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3 Room Suites

These Suites offer you all the same convenience as the 2 Room Suites, with an even larger floor plan.

3 separate living/sleeping areas as opposed to 2.

These suites are great for groups looking for some privacy, as well as extra space.

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The Panama City Beach Condos offered by the Sandpiper Beacon are located right next to the resort.

Each room comes with spectacular floor to ceiling views of the beach.

Each condo is 1,200 sq. ft, offering you extra privacy from the Resort, but still giving you complete access to ALL of the amenities, family activities, and 24/7 guest services (housekeeping, maintenance, resort services, etc.)

This is a unique combination and very difficult to find in other Condos in Panama City Beach.

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Townhouse Villas

Perfect for groups looking for extra space, more privacy  and the ability to walk out of your door, right onto the beach!

Sandpiper Beacon’s Townhouse Villas are 2 story beach townhouses, all of them are beachfront, and come with your very own private parking right at your front door.

As with the Condos, when you reserve a Villa you can still enjoy complete access to ALL of the resort’s amenities, activities, and service (housekeeping, maintenance, resort services, etc.)

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Beach House

Beach Houses are located directly on the beach, just like the Townhouse Villas.

They are right next to the Sandpiper Beacon (walking distance).

There is one Beach house on the first level, and another on the second/upstairs level.

All of the Beach houses are sat right on the beach, with private parking right at your front door.

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